History of the Company

Forged parts from Motz are allready in the market since 112 years. That means more than 100 years of experience in the manufacturing of drop-forged parts for the medicinal industry.

The beginning of our company goes back to the year 1898 when Eugen Motz (Sr) become self employed. Beside his home, in the "Stuttgarter Strasse" his first workshop was installed. At the beginning the stamps where manufactured in painful handwork with punching tools. The Surgical Instruments where forged with simple board drop hammers. The office was located at the dining room of the home. Eugen Motz (Sr) had the right intuition regarding the missing products of the merging Surgical Industry at Tuttlingen at that time.


Until today, even at the fourth generation, we are an independent family owned enterprise.

At the year 1954  a new building was constucted at the "Stockacher Strasse" to cover the increased space requirements.


Eugen Motz (Jr), managed the company until 1963 and was expanding and updating the factory continuously.

Alfred Motz, family member of the third generation also learnt the Mechanical Industrial Art and brougth the enterprise during the sixties, seventies and eighties of the 20th century into a new era. 1980 the company name was changed to "Motz GmbH".

At 1998 we could celebrate the 100-years jubilee of our company. At that opportunity we received big compliments and appreciation of our customers. That makes us proud and thankful.

Actually the company is conducted by the great-grandchild of the founder, Mrs. Christine Durkcovic-Motz and her husband, Mr. Velibor Durkovic. From 2003 on, she is Managing Director of the company.