The manufacturing process

1.  The tooling for the forged parts are made according to the technical data and the design of the parts. Up to date manufacturing methods and the long standing experience of our staff are best guarantee for accuracy in the parts and short delivery time, even if new tooling become necessary.


2. To obtain an efficient production of forged parts which cover the highest quality requirements, both factors are necessary, up to date technic as well as skilled  and trained workers.

3. The forging process is the base for a good quality, this statement made 112 years ago by Eugen Motz is still valid today.


4. According to the process instructions, the forged parts are checked between the different process steps. It is important for us to cover all requirements and to impact the process steps in a positive way.


5. The microstructure of the forged parts is adapted by special termic treatments according the requirements for the next manufacturing steps.

6. With the exact control of the termic treatments we are able to reach the best realtionship between Hardness and Ductility